“If a person dreams alone, it remains nothing but a dream.
But when a people dream together, that dream can become a reality.”
– African Proverb

PARTNERSHIP. Are you a loner or a connector? What type of genuine partnerships have you formed in your life?

I was a tom-boy athlete growing up. I ran track, swam and did gymnastics competitively and was successful at winning many medals. Although I was technically on a “team”, I realize now that in all of those sports the final result was really determined by my individual performance. Except for in a relay race, I wasn’t really dependent on the other members like with sports such as football or basketball. In fact, I used to be very much of a loner in everything – in the corner reading a book by myself, crying over a hurt in solitude, eating dinner alone, trying to develop a business single-handedly.

Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that life is about connection. It’s how you build a business, grow a relationship, and create a fulfilling life. It’s all about partnership – with yourself, your Source, and with others. A partnership is a relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility toward the achievement of a specified goal. Successful partnering of any type calls for clarity (who are you and why are we here together), mutual benefit (how do we both win), trust (how do we protect each others interests), and respect (how do we honor each others uniqueness).

The seven key partnerships to develop in your life are with:

1) Your Self – You must know who you are and be who you are. If you project something you are not, all of your other partnerships will fail because you will attract unsuitable collaborators and all parties will lose. As a Self partner, you must trust your inner voice, treat your Self with respect, and be authentic in all of your dealings.

2) Your Source – In order to know who you are you must be a partner with the Universe (God, or that which you believe is greater than you). As a Spirit partner, you have the responsibility to do the work in creating your divine destiny. If you don’t spend the time discovering why you’re here… then why are you really here?

3) Your Significant Other – One of the greatest blessings in life is to love and be loved – having that one special person who knows you and grows with you. To create a true life partnership that is mutually beneficial, you must have a shared vision that is based on honesty, faithfulness, and open communication.

4) Your Stakeholder(s) – There are those in life with whom you will create value, whether they are in your business world, or community. If you are trying to go it alone, reevaluate your strategy. The integration of unique experiences will create a greater whole.

5) Your Sensei(s) – There are those in life who will teach you, such as parents and mentors. Gain from their experiences. If your teacher is not apparent, actively seek out your Sensei. Remember that a partnership should be mutually beneficial so give back to those who give to you. Let them know the value of their teachings by putting what you learn into action.

6) Your Student(s) – There are those in life you will teach, such as children, business associates, and even strangers. No matter your age or profession, you have a distinct gift and something to share. You must pass on what you know in order for the Universe to grow.

7) Your Supporter(s) – There are those in life who connect with your vision and support you along the way, such as friends, healers, coaches and other advocates. This may be a very small group, and may overlap with the other partnerships (your Significant Other, for example, may be your biggest Supporter). Choose your Circle of Support wisely. Make sure they are truly looking out for your Highest Good. Honor their intentions, welcome their encouragement, and show gratitude for their existence.

In order to exist effectively in our new global, interconnected world, partnership is the name of the game. Whether you are a small business owner or world leader… a community activist or teacher, partnering is a way to leverage skills and expand opportunities for all. We are a part of a collective consciousness creating our futures. Understanding our interdependence will allow each of us as individuals to blossom. Unplug your computer for a moment and get truly connected. Use the power of partnerships to realize your dreams while expanding the greater whole.


  • Evaluate your current level of connectedness. In what areas of your life are you a loner? What areas could benefit from greater connections?
  • Know yourself. Spend time developing a partnership with your Self. Recognize areas where your inner bully comes out. Get rid of the “shoulds” and live from the heart.
  • Actively pursue those partnerships that are missing from your life. Be clear about your needs, and spend time getting to know your potential partner.
  • Seek win/win solutions. Be honest and sincere. Understand the mutual benefits and always communicate with respect.


    Today, I seek partnership.

    I project my core values and thus attract partners who fit my vision. I nurture winning relationships through clarity, trust, honesty and respect. I understand that I am an important part of the Universal design. By joining my gifts with others, I help create even greater value.

    Today, I seek partnership.

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