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“The Spirit can do for us only what It can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness, It cannot provide the gift.”
— Ernest Holmes

CONSCIOUSNESS. What is your mental atmosphere? Are your internal dreams reflected in your external reality?

Do you wonder why some people always seem to attract good and others are a magnet for misfortune? The difference is probably their mental atmosphere. If your mind is consistently focused on abundance then you’re going to see the opportunities around you. You will be open to the possibilities in life and ready to take action. On the other hand, if your consciousness is clouded by thoughts of lack, then you will most likely miss the treasure in front of you or think yourself into inertia. This is the lesson in the “glass half-full versus half-empty” analogy. Unintended consequences happen. Taking the right next step depends on the type of consciousness you’re cultivating.

The word “consciousness” can be looked at in many different ways. On a very basic level, it denotes being awake and responsive to your environment, versus being asleep or in a coma. On a deeper level, it relates to the characteristic of the mind which allows us to not just be awake, but self-aware – to perceive the relationship between ourselves and our surroundings. This human ability opens the door to transformation. Unfortunately, many people are physically awake but effectively unconscious. They are operating on autopilot and have forgotten what instructions they have given their subconscious. They are reinforcing – through their thought patterns – the very things they fear.

For example, I have a successful male client who was constantly complaining about attracting women who were after his money. He talked about how hard he had worked and the fear of someone taking the rewards. He couldn’t understand why he kept on encountering the same situation. After a number of coaching sessions, he realized that he was operating from fear versus faith – fear in what he didn’t want versus faith in what he wanted. Underlying this perspective was unbelief – he had come to believe that he didn’t deserve a trustworthy woman because he had been very superficial in the past. This unbelief was driving his fear which was affecting his consciousness, causing him to project energy which attracted unreliable dates. Once he was aware of his own patterns and spent time choosing a new set of core values, he was able to shift his perspective and envision the type of partner he actually wanted. Now he is married to a beautiful woman who has all of the qualities on his wish list – spiritual, nurturing, funny, intelligent – and she makes more money than he does!

Every person is surrounded by a thought atmosphere – a set of vibrations which attract equivalent energy. This mental atmosphere is the direct result of one’s conscious and unconscious thought. In other words, life is a mirror and will reflect back to you what you think into it. Cause and effect are two sides of the same thing. Your thoughts direct your behavior, and every time you perform an action – whether positive or negative, you leave an imprint on your subconscious. This cycle creates your primary operating mode. To change your consciousness, therefore, requires an understanding and managing of your thoughts so that you can deliberately create new patterns. These patterns will become the dominant attitude of your mind. Positive thinking is not enough; belief is necessary. According to many of the world’s spiritual traditions, as well as the science of quantum physics, there is something in the Universe which responds and corresponds to our mental states. No matter what you call It – Creative Energy, Consciousness, Mind, God – this Universal Intelligence may be tapped into through our individual consciousness using a variety of techniques, such as prayer, affirmation, meditation, visualization, and spiritual mental treatment.

We each have an amazing capacity to manifest and evolve. In yoga philosophy, it’s the ability to tap into your “Third Eye” – your inner vision, or 6th chakra – leading you towards higher levels of consciousness. No matter what your current circumstance, your “inside” dream can be your new “outside” reality. Your primary task is to allow power to flow through you, creating a receptive atmosphere. This is the foundation of The Power Living® Practice – removing the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and environmental blocks, and being specific in your thoughts, words and actions. Consistency of thought and strength in belief is important. Starting right now, become a witness to your Self. Be still. Take time to become aware of your thoughts and patterns. Replace negative with positive. Know that the power of the Universe is with you. It doesn’t mean that your days will always be sunny; but when the fog comes you will be able to navigate more effectively. Focus on what you want and claim it as real. Be patient and grateful. As Matthew 9:29 states, “It is done unto you as you believe.” If you mentally see it and fully believe it, then you have already received it. Be thankful and trust the process. Gratitude will guarantee the Gift.


  • Recognize. Check your frequency. Take a few moments throughout the day to notice and jot down your thoughts. At the end of the day, review any patterns – particularly with negative thoughts. Practice meditation to still the thought waves and focus the mind.
  • Replace. Clear up your mental atmosphere. Remember the saying: “Garbage In – Garbage Out.” Replace negative with positive, removing any doubt or fear. Control your inputs from the media and other people. This process may take some time. Be patient.
  • Realize. Affirm the Truth. You are tapping into a power that is both greater than you and in you. Realize the truth of your vision. Keep reinforcing your belief in it. Be specific in what you want and always expect the best. Use visualization to see it more clearly.
  • Receive. Trust the process. Be calm as you give thanks for your new reality even before it has materialized.


    Today, my mental atmosphere attracts the Good.

    I understand that my thought energy creates my reality. I condition myself for success by tuning my mind to the positive. I remove all doubt and fear, and instead operate on faith. I believe in the promise of my dreams.

    Today, my mental atmosphere attracts the Good.

    Copyright Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy. Power Living® Column Vol. 65.07, originally published November 2007. Teresa Kennedy has written over 70 “The Power of…” columns that are a part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series and available for syndication. Call 212-901-6913 for more information.

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