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The Birds…


IMPRESSIONS: This is not really a mini-escape- simply a strange phenomenon. I was quietly writing and then heard this in my backyard… over 100 birds gathering. It reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds.”

What do you see?

Peace Symbol in rock formation

IMPRESSIONS: I was hiking in San Francisco and came across this rock formation on the ground.
When you look at it, what do you see?

To many, it is the peace symbol that was designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement and later made popular by hippies in the U.S. during the 1960s. It was a beacon of hope for those who protested nuclear weapons, pushed to protect the Earth and create a new age utopia.

To some, though, it is a symbol of destruction…

Step by Step

Rocks Step by Step

IMPRESSIONS: I was walking down this path and it reminded me of the path of life. Life is about change and growth. There will always be rocks on the road – some bigger than others. Instead of being obstacles, they may actually be stepping stones. Although we may not see the path, there is one. We simply have to look a little closer, be patient, and understand that change happens step by step.

An Ordinary Day

New York City

IMPRESSIONS: I lived in Ground Zero on 9/11.
For some reason this photo I recently took reminds me of that day.
Maybe it’s the eerie glow on the buildings or the blue-grey sky.
This is what came to mind about that day…

Watch the Gap

Watch the Gap

IMPRESSIONS: Every time I get on the Long Island Railroad I see this sign: “WATCH THE GAP.” It’s there to help us avoid falling down to the tracks and getting injured. It reminds me of that gap many of us live in – the gap between who we are in our current circumstances and who we want to be. So, every time you see this sign – on the platform for the subway, Amtrak or the commuter rail – remember to WATCH THE GAP. Pay attention to your own life so your dreams don’t fall through the cracks.

Look Up!

NYC Sunset

IMPRESSIONS: I took this picture from the top of the Times Square Building which houses The New York Times on 44th Street in Manhattan. I was there for an event, and instead of paying attention to my host, I gravitated toward the window to soak in this view. Every day – twice a day – we are given the most amazing eye candy in the form of a sunrise and sunset. It’s a gift that is free to all. Even if you’re not awake in time for the sunrise…

Flying High

Image from Airplane going to Rio

IMPRESSIONS: I travel a lot and always seem to be on a plane. I see some people get on board and then break out a book, put on headphones, start snacking or go to sleep. They never really look outside. Listen to what I see on Cowbird…

Even Pigeons Can Dream

Even Pigeons Can Fly

IMPRESSIONS: I took this picture while walking down the street in Manhattan – a pigeon sitting on top of the head of an eagle. Eagles are often used as examples of strength. They have large powerful builds and keen vision. They are able to fly higher than any other bird, and even soar without actually flapping their wings. Eagles are bold and tenacious flying into storms using the wind to lift them to greater heights. Eagles never eat dead meat. They hunt for and kill their own food. They tend to fly alone and live on higher ground. They are majestic, with an air of royalty. Pigeons, on the other hand, are often called “flying rats”…

Your Masterpiece

Original Painting by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

IMPRESSIONS: I saw this painting hanging in the living room of my family home. In college, I used to sit by the lake and study and dream and paint. I was an Art and Sociology double major. My eyes love beauty and see it all around – the colors, the light, the expressions of life.
Although I have not picked up a paint brush in a long time, I am still an artist. Now, my canvas is life. My paints are words of motivation. I see the light in you. How would you like to paint your masterpiece?

A Human… Simply Being

Jackson Hole, WY

IMPRESSIONS: This March I was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming visiting a friend.

Even though I had lived in Massachusetts for eight years during my school days and had spent time in Switzerland, I had never been a snow person. The layers of winter always seemed to be a burden.

This trip gave me a new perspective. Listen to the full story on Cowbird…