Harlem Fine Arts Show on Martha’s Vineyard

Painting at the Martha's Vineyard Fine Arts Festival

Painting at the Martha’s Vineyard Fine Arts Festival

THE BUZZ: Fine art, wine, cheese and a cool breeze. That was on the menu for the Harlem Fine Arts Show on Martha’s Vineyard August 6th through 13th, 2014.

We stopped by the preview at Cottager’s Corner and bumped into a neighbor from New York (of course!). The Show featured art from around the world – 20 plus galleries and artists from the African Diaspora. Some of the artists included:

Corinithia Peoples,
Chris Osborne,
Kiyomi Taylor,
Jonathan Romain,
Ivan Girona.

Though I didn’t attend many of the events due to scheduling, the Harlem Fine Arts Show also featured a BBQ, the Winston and Carolyn Lowe Art Lecture Series, a Golf Classic, a Youth Empowerment Day and a Jazz and Blues Summerfest.

I was a Studio Art and Sociology double major at Wellesley College and spent time in Rome studying with Rhode Island School of Design (before I went to business school) so anything having to do with art is up my alley. I used to sketch, paint, sculpt and do photography and 3-D design. View an early painting from my college days.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.17.24 PM

read-more-button_0-e1366485353779 copyFILM: We attended the Run & Shoot Filmworks 12th Annual Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. I ran into friends and colleagues I haven’t seen for a while such as sisters Adrienne and Sharon Lopez, and author/filmmaker Nelson George. We also saw Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Check out pics/coverage.

read-more-button_0-e1366485353779 copyMUSIC: We also helped out with the Martha’s Vineyard Summer Madness Music Festival and Conference. It is produced by MV Soul Concepts, LLC which includes my dear friend Norman B. Hall. Daniel assisted producer Jill Newman and got a picture with Lauryn Hill which was certainly his highlight. Check out pics/coverage.

read-more-button_0-e1366485353779 copyFUN & SUN: August on Martha’s Vineyard is like a smorgasbord of culture, sun and fun. From fundraisers to festivals, there is an overflow of interesting things to do. Headed to to the island? Check out pics/video/coverage.

Also, check out pictures and coverage from the Nantucket Yoga Festival where I accompanied my (now) 96-year-old yoga master teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch.