Relaxation Techniques for Any Situation

Guided Audio Relaxation CD –  60 minutes
WITH 10 minute BONUS music track
Written and Produced by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Knowing how to maximize your rest and recovery time is one of the key tenets of the Power Living Practice. It allows you to charge your energy, achieve peak performance, and most importantly, be Present. The Power Living®: Mini-Escapes CD can serve as a guide. Whether you are on a crowded train, in the doctor’s office, at home, or at work, this Guided Relaxation Program will calm the body and mind, allowing you to take a vacation from your busy life. From breath awareness to visualization to meditation to affirmations, these 3 to 12 minute “mini-escapes” will provide you with instant relaxation.

1: Introduction (2:46)
2: Breath Awareness (3:22)
3: Transformational Breath (5:57)
4: Deep Three-Part Breathing (6:03)
5: Body Scan Relaxation (10:52)
6: Visualization (11:53)
7: Meditation (10:21)
8: Affirmations (6:24)
9: Soothing Sounds (10:05)

The underlying music blends a range of water and chimes with a slow temp to synch with your heartbeat. Treat yourself, family, friends and employees to the gift of relaxation. Appropriate for the corporate environment.

Price: $15.99 including Instruction Booklet.
UPC Code: 8856179-00002-3
(Release Date: June 14, 2004)



Power Living Mini-Escapes CD

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