Optimal Brain Power

Do you want to create a lifestyle that optimizes your brain power? Could you benefit from a supportive partner guiding you every step of the way?
With advances in imaging technology, we now know that the brain is “plastic” and is affected by every experience, thought and emotion. There are a lot of brain games and tools out there now to boost cognitive reserve, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. How you exercise, what you eat, how deeply you sleep, how you manage stress, how you structure your activities and even your career choices can affect your brain health. You may have read some articles and even played some games. Our special “Optimal Brain Power” Coaching is a comprehensive program to help you develop an integrated suite of habits that have been proven to boost brain health and fitness – from meditation and managing your “mental atmosphere” to getting the right mix of S.E.X. – sleep, exercise and extracurricular activities.

Benefits of “Optimal Brain Power” Coaching

  • optimize your diet
  • cross-train your brain
  • effectively manage stress
  • “program” your productivity
  • fine-tune your exercise routine
  • increase your happiness index
  • create thought patterns for success
  • learn specific meditation techniques
  • increase experiences of meaning in your life
  • feel completely supported while accomplishing your goals

During our first session, we will do an assessment to see where you are currently and outline an overall action plan. Then, we will tackle each goal together step-by-step. Find out how to get started today!


Special In-Person Options

Most of the coaching happens by phone. However, if you are in New York or want to arrange for Dr. Kennedy to come to your city, there are interesting in-person options as well.  Have an immersion into the brain-healthy meditation and mindfulness techniques. If you’re looking for a healthier way to eat, try our Two-Hour “Healthy Jumpstart Supermarket Tour.” Now is the time for Power Living!


Workshops and Speaking Topics

Do you want to power up your next event? Book Dr. Terri Kennedy.  She has spoken at hundreds of events and understands what makes a successful gathering for business events and personal development retreats alike. Called “smart with a heart,” she has an informed, personable and interactive style incorporating the latest coach-facilitator tools. In addition to offering keynotes, workshops and retreats, Dr. Kennedy can sit on a panel or host/moderate your event. The Power Living® Signature Series offers the motivation and framework to help your participants take their lives and work to the next level. The additional topics delve deeper into related areas. Sample wellness-related topics include:

  • Power Living: Master your Energy to Supercharge your Life
  • PWR Food: Eat Your Way to Success & Optimal Health
  • PWR Detox: How to Clean and “Green” Your Life
  • PWR Play: Mastering the Art of Work/Life Balance
  • Stress or Success? It’s Your Choice!
  • Healthy Beauty… From The Inside Out
  • Yoga “Off-the-Mat”: The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
  • Ta Yoga 101: Yoga For Busy People
  • Listen to Your Gut… It’s Smarter Than You Think!
  • Power Up Your Life! Habits for a Healthy Heart & Brain

From boosting productivity, managing stress and going green to fine-tuning your communication, personal branding and leadership skills, Dr. Kennedy will be the master guide for your group. Find out more and view a video at www.drterrikennedy.com. To book Dr. Kennedy for a speaking or media event, email info@drterrikennedy.com.

For more information, read through our Coaching FAQs. If you want to bring our services to your group, then learn more about ourgroup coaching. If you still have questions, feel free to email coaching@power-living.com or call 212-901-6913.


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