#2: Tune your Mind

Tuning the Mind

Tuning the Mind

Tune your Mind to the Positive, the second principle of Power Living, has to do with tuning your mental energy to create positive manifestations, achieve focus and spur inspiration. It prompts you to ask the questions:

  • What mental radio station am I listening to?
  • Do I usually expect the best or the worst?
  • Would I talk to my best friend the way I talk to myself?
  • We all have that tape in the head – it can be your friend encouraging you to achieve your dreams, or your worst enemy holding you back from your own greatness. In the Power Living Practice, we share various ways to align your mental energy, from affirmations and raising your awareness about your own self-talk through language audits and fundamental reading, to teaching you how to work smart and stay focused.

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    Learn more about Power Living in the 40 Days to Power Living: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose book and/or get individual help through our coaching programs.

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