The Principles

Keeping Track of Life

Keeping Track of Life

Our Philosophy

Power Living® is being spiritually connected, mentally focused, emotionally engaged, physically energized, and environmentally supported. It is a way of being that allows life to flow. It is committing your energy to what you care about on a day-to-day basis. It is a process of becoming conscious, moving you toward self-awareness and self-control. It allows you to most effectively work in partnership with the Universe to live your best possible life.

The Power Living Manifesto
We are moving toward a New World…
a world where POWER is not defined by
how much control you have over others,
but how much control you have over your Self.

It’s not about how many things you acquire.
It’s about how many people you inspire.

The Old World valued conformity.
This New World values uniqueness.

In this New World, you drop the “O” (approval from others),
and drop the “E” (attachment to external things),
and realize true PWR – Purpose With Results.

We’re talking about Purpose with a big “P” –
that overarching vision that drives your life
that allows the essence of YOU to shine through.
Thought and Action resulting in a Positive Willful Reaction.

This PWR is:
available to all,
unique in each of us,
allows you to project an energy that attracts, and
comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Your ultimate goal is to activate this PWR.
The only requirements are that it comes from within,
and it must be charged and released every day.

The Principles
The Practice is guided by the Five Principles of Power Living:

  • Live on Purpose - align your spiritual energy.
  • Tune your Mind to the Positive – tune your mental energy.
  • Honor your Body – maximize your physical energy.
  • Be a Humble Warrior – engage your emotional energy.
  • Sanctify your Surroundings – detoxify your environmental energy.

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