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I think some aspects of writing can be taught. Obviously, you can’t teach vision or talent. But you can help with comfort.
- Toni Morrison

Focus on Your Highest Aspirations


A DOSE OF POWER LIVING®: Focus on Your Highest Aspirations – As the novelist Louisa May Alcott said: “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”

7 Ways to Experience Peace… Right Now!


INSPIRATION: As our world continues to speed up and get more complex, being able to access inner calm – particularly in the midst of crisis – is a critical skill. It can reduce stress, improve concentration and generate a sense of confidence.

Emerson’s Essays

Emerson's Essays

BOOK: Emerson’s Essays, by Ralph Waldo Emerson – My mom gave me Emerson’s Essays when I was a teenager. I’m just realizing how much of an influence it’s had on my own writing in content and form. Emerson was an American orator, poet, and leader of the Transcendentalist movement in the early nineteenth century.

The Power of… ZERO

Purposeful Living

ZERO. Is the presence of nothing different from the absence of something? Does the term “ground zero” mean the beginning or the end? Are you comfortable with empty space? Zero is both a number and a concept. Many historians state that the introduction of zero was the most significant achievement in the development of our counting system because it made calculation with large numbers feasible. The inclusion of zero introduced negative numbers and opened up a new world of mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry and business.

The Power of… DILIGENCE

Working Hard

DILIGENCE. Do you always do your best? Do you remain focused on your goals? How often have you given up when things seemed difficult? In 2007, I finished my doctorate in World Religions and became Dr. Kennedy, or “Dr. Terri K.” as my friends are calling me. As a busy entrepreneur, I had to be focused to get the work done in-between leading corporate workshops, speaking at events, coaching private clients, teaching yoga classes, and writing this column and other articles. It wasn’t easy and often required me to sacrifice “play-time” such as catching the latest movie, for “cerebral time” which usually included taking an exam or researching for another paper. Since it was a goal I wanted to achieve, I worked steadily on it over the last few years.