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Harlem Fine Arts Show on Martha’s Vineyard

Painting at the Martha's Vineyard Fine Arts Festival

THE BUZZ: Fine art, wine, cheese and a cool breeze. That was on the menu for the Harlem Fine Arts Show on Martha’s Vineyard August 6th through 13th, 2014. We stopped by the preview at Cottager’s Corner and bumped into a neighbor from New York (of course!). The Show featured art from around the world…

Your Masterpiece

Original Painting by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

IMPRESSIONS: I saw this painting hanging in the living room of my family home. In college, I used to sit by the lake and study and dream and paint. I was an Art and Sociology double major. My eyes love beauty and see it all around – the colors, the light, the expressions of life.
Although I have not picked up a paint brush in a long time, I am still an artist. Now, my canvas is life. My paints are words of motivation. I see the light in you. How would you like to paint your masterpiece?