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Harvard Black Alumni Weekend 2014

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy and Valentino D. Carlotti at the Harvard Black Alumni Weekend 2014

14 Schools, Generations of Alumni, Reuniting as One – that was the amazing theme of the Harvard Black Alumni Weekend. From October 10th through 12th, 2014, I reconnected with friends, met new colleagues, learned interesting things – all in one of my most nostalgic places. Being in Cambridge brings me back to my college and graduate school days. I love the New England environment and have a great fondness for the Harvard community.

Digital Diversity Network Cloud Gathering Conference

Clayton Banks, Teresa Kennedy, Daphne Leroy, Patricia Andrews-Keenan, Kathy Johnson at the Copacabana

THE BUZZ: Check out the highlights from speakers at the Digital Diversity Network (DDN) Second Annual New York City “Cloud Gathering” Conference held at The New York Times Conference Center. This year’s theme was “Innovation, Disruption & Transformation.”