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The Power of… GIVING

Never Too Young for Giving

GIVING. How generous are you? Do you give freely or are there usually strings attached? At a time when your bank account may be lower than last year and the stresses may be higher, it is even more important to understand the power of giving.

The Power of… GRATITUDE

Just Say Thank You

GRATITUDE. Do you actively appreciate what you have? Do you focus on misfortunes or blessings? What do you hold on to when times are tough? The constant flow of negative media headlines makes me pause and reflect. I end up feeling a sense of profound gratitude. It prompts me to look at my own life and count my blessings.

The Power of… CHOICE


CHOICE. How are you choosing to live? Do you realize all of the choices you make every week, every day, every second? Do you ever truly think about the consequences? When I was four years old my mom gave me The Little Me and THE GREAT ME, by Lou Austin which laid the groundwork for my spiritual development. With a bright yellow cover and joyful illustrations, this simple book explains that there are two wills in every person: one – the will of the human self (the Little Me), the other – the will of the divine self (THE GREAT ME). Between these two forces there is a continuous running battle.

The Power of…

Passion for Writing

Welcome to “The Power of…” column – part of the Power Living® Empowerment Series. Since it’s inception in April 2003, Dr. Terri Kennedy has written over 70 editions.

No Good Friday

With money tight but gift expectations still high, folks across the United States got up very early yesterday to be first to take advantage of the holiday sales. Marking the unofficial beginning of the Christmas retail season, “Black Friday” is distinctly an American phenomenon and unfortunately highlights the extreme consumerism in our society. The most…

Day 5: Be a Humble Warrior

Transformation takes time. This speaks to the importance of Power Living Principle #4: Be a Humble Warrior. One way to sustain your energy along the way is to cultivate your inner strength muscles – joy, faith, love. As you go through the Reality Check on page 46 of the book, ask yourself: Do I experience…