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Find space in your daily activity to breathe. Remember that there is strength in non-action.
- Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy
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Watch your Tone


POWER LIVING® TIP: Want to be seen as confident and trusted? Watch your tone. There are various strategies to put your best voice forward.

* Moderate your pace
* Be relaxed and breathe
* Smile through in your voice
* Use a strong yet soft volume
* Tailor your style for the occasion
* Vary your pitch to emphasize points
* Put notes aside and speak from the heart

Beware of sounding angry, condescending, frustrated, impatient, defensive, moody or disrespectful. In order to improve, record yourself speaking – better yet, use video so you can see your facial expressions.

Extra Tip: Read email out loud before you hit send to check the tone and hear how the words sound.

Day 7: Eat to Live

So how was your first week? Do you understand the overview of the Five Principles in the book? How did you do with the Lifestyle Log? What about the PWR Moves? Don’t worry if you didn’t get to everything. The key is to begin to be more aware about your own habits. Now that we’re…