Power Living Tips

Tips for health, for work, for life.

Program your Productivity


POWER LIVING® TIP: How would you like to get more done in less time? Synch your work with your body’s circadian rhythms. There are peak times for various tasks.

Add Papaya to your Meal


POWER LIVING® TIP: Want to feel super good and lower your risk for disease? Eat papaya – a leading superfood. Papaya is packed with antioxidants and offers an abundance of benefits…

Brain Power

Brain Power

PWR TIP: The brain, with its astounding computational power, is the main server of our system. Are you doing things to decrease its operating potential or boost its functioning ability? There are many reasons why we forget things. The good news is there are ways to optimize the brain’s functioning power and lengthen your mentally active years.

Food as Medicine

Fruits and Veggies

PWR TIP: Food can heal and should be looked at as the first course of action in creating balance in the body – bringing it from dis-ease to harmony.

Love Yourself

Healthy Waist Management

PWR TIP: Every 34 seconds someone in the U.S. dies of cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is America’s No. 1 killer. Are you nurturing your heart?

Out of Work

Making a Living

Q&A: I’ve just lost my job. I’ve NEVER been unemployed since I started working over 30 years ago. I am in a panic and don’t know what to do. I feel like a failure. Please help!!

Little Treasures

Winning Board

PWR TIP: I always encourage my clients to seek joy every day. It is a key Power Living practice. In The Power of… JOY, I shared my “Little Treasures.” It was a list I made when I was in the hospital battling Crohn’s. I kept it in my journal, and referred to it when I…

Focus & Flow

Focus & Flow

PWR TIP: Work is not laborious if you’re in the flow. It goes back to self-awareness and self-control. Here are some ways to maintain clarity and boost productivity: Stay in synch. Understand your body’s circadian rhythm so you can schedule prime mental work time during peak “think” time. For many people, this is 6am –…

Health & Wealth

Cooking at Home

PWR TIP: Do you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Minimize your risk for disease as you maximize what’s in your wallet with these money-saving tips.