Keep Stepping to Bat

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It’s been said, “The person who wins may have been counted out several times, but didn’t hear the referee.”

What is your batting average? Life can sometimes feel like a long game of baseball. There is often a stretch of time before a point is earned. You may get to bat and strike out multiple times. It’s easy to get tired and feel like you’re not going anywhere. You may not hear any cheers from the stands. Don’t despair. The great Babe Ruth struck out 1330 times, but also hit 714 home runs. The key is to keep stepping to bat. You may have lost a game or two but don’t count yourself out before the series is over. Hold on. Work on your swing. You can win in the last inning. You may even hit a home run out of the park in that final game. Be patient. Victory might be closer than you think.

Until next time, remember – it’s your divine life, live it to the fullest. The power is in your hands!

With Purpose & Power,


Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA.

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