From the Heart

THE BUZZ… This has been an absolutely incredible week! On Thursday, I received the news that I have been selected to serve on the National Spokespersons Panel for the American Heart Association. This is a group of nationally renowned scientists, physicians, and other experts to represent AHA in interviews with national media. I will be talking to the media about their Search Your Heart campaign to educate the public about their risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke and give them the tools and information they need to help lower their risk. This is quite an honor and I am humbled by the new company I keep! I must thank Sherri Holman in New York and Sheila George in Dallas for their support.

From Friday through Sunday, I led the 5th Annual Spirits of Feather Retreat at the St. Alphonsus retreat house in Poughkeepsie, New York. The non-profit organization mentors young girls and women of color who are healing in some aspect of spirit, mind and body. The theme this year was “Soaring to New Heights.” We were in castle-like building surrounded by over 400 acres overlooking the Hudson River. In between our Power Living sessions, we took nature walks. As the facilitator, I had the “deluxe suite” in the monastery. It had a separate sitting room with the windows giving great view of the mountains and water. The sun came through the shutters at about 5:30am and it was simply divine!

After leading a “heart meditation” for the women and closing out the morning session, I came back to Manhattan and spoke at the graduation for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition at Rose Hall in the Time Warner Center. I received such a warm response from the 1,200 graduates. I urged them to go out and be true warriors for well-care. They have the ability to change lives one bite at a time. With the energy in the room, I have no doubt that they will each be awesome healers.

So here I am back at home ready to prepare for another talk coming up in a few days. This topic is “PWR Selling: An Holistic Approach to Sales Success” for the National Sales Network. This one is a bit different than the others ones over the last few days, so I must mentally switch gears. Writing this blog is helping me do just that. It’s making me stop and recognize how grateful I am for all of the blessings pouring in. I have the ability and passion to put pen to paper and get up in front of crowds of people to deliver empowering messages. They think I’m there to teach them something – but really I learn so much from each person. It reminds me of the Latin Proverb:

By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.

Isn’t that great!

With Purpose & Power,