Home Again

Every time I come back from being on the road I have to catch up on things. There are the basics, like laundry and food shopping. I also often have to put my lifestyle habits back in check.

As you’ve probably experienced, sometimes when you’re traveling you may eat odd (or usually decadent) foods or cut back on sleep due to plane or train rides. Even though I am focused on my own Power Living principles, this happens to me as well.

Yesterday, I made my favorite Kale-Carrot-Celery Soup. It is so incredibly healthy and cleansing for the body. People have been asking me for the recipe for a long time, but I haven’t written it up yet. I will post it on the Power Living website some time this month.

I also caught up a bit on my sleep today. I tend to not use alarm clocks unless I have an early morning flight to catch. Otherwise, I give myself a pre-sleep suggestion as to when I want to get up and I generally get up right at that time — sometimes to the minute! Try it out. It’s fascinating how powerful the subconscious is and how you can consciously impress upon it.

I’m also going to do a longer workout this afternoon. I’ll probably spend two hours at the gym – doing an hour of cardio, about 10 minutes of strength training for my arms and legs, a half hour of yoga with an emphasis on deep stretching and meditation, and the rest of the time in the sauna.

Power Living is a daily practice. However, it is not so rigid that you can’t live life – in fact, it helps you appreciate life in all its details. Over time, your “default mode” becomes one of healthly habits and a mindset of expectancy and gratitude. It also encourages you to be forgiving of others and yourself. As Mahatma Gandhi said:

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Be kind to yourself. Live your life. If you get a little off-track with your habits for whatever reason, don’t condemn yourself. Commit to coming home again and getting things back in check.

With Purpose & Power,